Think Piece

Response to Manchester Attack

A message received from Manchester Rabbi Y. Reuven Rubin, moving words in these difficult times.

Changing the seasons

With fashion giant H&M’s new announcement that their Studio collection will be joining the see-now buy-now schedule. It seems the immediate-availability movement’s growing membership has another big victory.  So how is this business approach affecting us?

Fashion in Flux

Although BREXIT is likely to cause uncountable difficult changes to British fashion, we consider how a revision of the industry has the potential to improve some of fashion’s biggest problems.

From MP to Museum Director

is Labour’s loss the art sector’s gain?


Taking notes as Rita Britton dictates an Open Letter to Theresa May, Jamie Huckbody hears the case for taking the fashion industry seriously, supporting Britain’s fledgling designers, and why The North voted for BREXIT.