Now that the hubbub of the holiday season is behind us, the team at Nomad Atelier finally have time to start getting inspired for our upcoming spring range, and what better way to start than by visiting the exhibition down the street that’s been enticing us since early December?

Mother and Child at The Civic, showing new sculptures by Egyptian born, Yorkshire based artist Sam Shendi.


The pieces capture the distorted female form, fluid and swelling with shapes evoking sometimes pregnancy, sometimes tumescence (the artist’s response to his mother’s lost battle with breast cancer, and his wife’s journey to motherhood) reminded us of Comme des Garcons’ provocative Lumps and Bumps collection which shocked the fashion world in 1997.



The monochrome stills of the artist hard at work lining the walls were as equally inspiring as the glossy, finished pieces themselves. Sheni’s work attire and studio setting aligning with our own visual references for creating designs.

Next time you drop by our store or have a bite to eat at the Quintessential Kitchen, why not take a few extra steps down the cobbled path to pay The Civic a visit? Although you might want to step quickly as the exhibition ends this month.


Mother and Child: New Sculptures by Sam Shendi
03 December 2016 – 28 January 2017
Tues- Sat
Free admission
The Civic
Hanson Street