Heritage and imagination have always been the forefront distinguishing features of British fashion. Over the past few years we have started to see an increase in British made clothing and textile manufacturing which is only set to continue to flourish over the foreseeable future, providing more jobs within the sector. The vote to leave the EU, for better or worse overall, is likely to increase this number even more, as we will see a rise in demand as British designers return to saucing materials and manufacturing within the country, rather than from the skilled workers of Europe as is the current custom. With an overabundance of students graduating in the field of fashion each year, it may be just what we need to have youthful creativity injected into British textiles, Britain could catch up with Japan in producing high quality fabrics fusing tradition with innovation.

A return to quality British clothing may be the antidote to the over-reliance on discounting end of season fashion which ultimately damages a company both financially and in reputation. Now that today’s consumer is more conscious, it’s common knowledge that for the sake of the environment, and for human sanity, we need to slow down the ever-accelerating rate of fast fashion. It’s left up to the individual to cultivate a sense of style away from the constantly morphing micro-trends we see on our Instagram feed every day, advocating a taste for clothes you can feel confident in, over a quick fix solution to the fleeting whims of ‘what’s in’ this month. Style never goes out of fashion. In turn, this could mean fashion houses may be able to maintain a better level of control over their brands, and give them the time and space needed to develop and innovate when it comes to such crucial issues as sustainability.

With all the inevitable changes about to happen over the upcoming years, we must remember to change with the times as well. Making thoughtful decisions about how we make and buy clothes could help shape Britain into a leader of sustainable fashion.