Burrowed away at the base of the Pennines and almost lost in the  lush green forest surrounding,  is the village of Langley in Cheshire.  Driving along the bank of the River Bollin and down the meandering country lanes specked with old cottages, we reach the hidden gem that is Adamley Mill.

Adamley truly are the experts when it comes to silk, situated in the epicentre of what was Britain’s silk empire at the time of the industrial revolution. Adamley mill thrive off their local heritage of craftsmanship and expertise.

The industrialisation of silk making blossomed with the invention the Jacquard loom, a machine so innovative of its time and with such great potential that it led the way to the development of the first computers. Now in 2017, Adamley are still blending traditional methods with modern technology, using digital methods to expertly capture the exquisite prints of impressive vintage from their enormous archive.


Their design library would be ultimate treasure trove for any print lover, and we found ourselves fantasizing about being locked in overnight to paw over the pages of the leather-bound tomes that line the shelves in vast array.


Although spoilt for choice, we were repeatedly drawn back to a design dated at 1895, which we decided we simply had to see brought back to life in silk georgette. The team of experts have been carefully reviving the pattern for us to use for our summer collection and will be available over the coming weeks.


It truly is a blessing that manufactures  like Adamley, with such a wealth of history and skill behind them, are still going strong today. A refreshing reminder that sometimes the old ways really are the best!