In a time when we are no longer limited to stuffy, outdated norms of what can be worn when and by whom, it’s important to assess how fashion can evolve and explore new ideas whilst remaining considerate to both our everyday needs and to the environment.

On this blog we have often commented on the problems with fast fashion, the waste involved and the nature of its limitation. Today, the challenge is to keep up the pace without sacrificing on ethics or high standers of quality.



Single Button Silk Coat | WA14 Hand Stitched Leather Crossbody Bag (Black) | 1895 Nouveau Print Raglan Shirt


The twice-yearly glut of ready-to-wear collections is swiftly becoming an outdated model for todays designers, not to mention the dread that can come with them – collections becoming surplus a month after they hit the stores leading to a culture of over inflated price tags and discounting.

Finding a solution involves working closer to the season. Bringing smaller, more relevant ranges gradually throughout the year, keeping our rails constantly feeling fresh whilst inspiring new direction. At the same time, a collection should complement customer’s current pieces, giving them new potential as we move through the seasons and as our wants and needs change with the climate.

Although we advocate for a smaller, more considered wardrobe, being conscious of what goes in them doesn’t mean we have to feel restricted.

We strive to bring adaptability to the forefront of our designs, clothing that can easily suit a number of occasions, transition from daytime to evening, from spring through to autumn and from autumn back to spring.