With the dawn of the widely anticipated confirmation of a new female protagonist earlier this week, the image of the popular BBC sci-fi, Doctor Who, has been regenerated no end. A bold new wave of feminist flare is due to hit the show at full force, indicated by the newly released trailer for next seasons episodes, starring the Yorkshire born Jodie Whittaker. The sixty-second clip gives little away, but leaves much to the imagination, especially in terms of style.

The new Gallifrey dweller is clad in an understated, near monochromatic ensemble, executing a subtly preppy vibe with a contemporary twist.  Donning a relaxed trench coat, as seen in her short premiere. Echo’s of the Doctor’s past personas’ are clearly being harked back to, through the continuation of the trademark, classic suited look. We see her iconically reveal her profile from beneath a bold hoodie, worn under the jacket, instantly signalling a fresh sense of modern renewal to the age old role. Through the evident fusion of old and new executed by this look, we can only expect a new and improved side to Doctor Who.

This look takes a purposeful step in the right direction in creating the ultimate modern-day heroine – as here, the epitome of assurance and capability has been created straight from the off. Instantly, we are convinced that our new Doctor is fully prepared can save the world without even having to utter a single word. From the first taste of Whittaker’s role, we note the absence of need to exploit femininity through sexuality – an ,oh so, familiar tendency of countless female roles in both film and tv. Clearly we have witnessed the birth of a truly credible and inspirational character.

This uncomplicated yet evocative look can only be described as having a striking resemblance to the style of the collection here, at Nomad. It seems only natural to align the style of the new Time Lord with our own design philosophy as Whittaker’s look clearly embraces freedom of movement and femininity – free from the many neoteric gender restraints.

The clothes warn in Whittaker’s short debut set a refreshing and much needed tone to occupy our screens next year. Despite the air of controversy surrounding the next chapter of the Doctors existence, the general feeling surrounding the move seems successful. For some viewers, Whittaker’s arrival has been a long time coming, not only has the universe gained a brand new female saviour, but girl’s of all ages have gained a most influential role model. Although the beginning of Whittaker’s adventures through time and space are still unclear, we wonder why on Earth it took 54 years for the Doctor to finally regenerate with two X chromosomes. We can’t wait to see what Jodie Whittaker has to offer as the 13th Doctor.