” Look at you! You’re a babe! 

Jos Vantyler, Irish born actor has just caught sight of Rita Britton at the after show gathering of For Love or Moneythe latest Northern Broadside production at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.  

Barrie Rutter’s farewell outing as Artistic Director made for a wonderful evening’s entertainment. The play itself is an adaptation of Turcaret by acclaimed Yorkshire author Blake Morrison, who brings Alain-Rene Lesage‘s Eighteenth Century comedy back to life, setting it in his home county during the roaring twenties.  

After a few more flamboyant remarks, Jos (who wows as the nimble, swindling rogue Arthurflatteringly notes how refreshing it is to see an injection of modern style in the usual theatre crowd, and insists on trying on Rita’s Deep V Neck Sweater and Cashmere Crombie Coat for himself.  A request Rita is only too happy to oblige, never one to be able to resist the charm of a young actor.  

The pieces suit him perfectly, and It’s easy to see from his underplayed swagger that he feels right at home in them.  

At the moment, our focus at Nomad is designing for those of us who’s schedules demand a challenge such as flitting to an evening at the theatre straight from work, minus the hassle and farce of choosing an outfit to fit in with outdated expectations of suitability.  

To “dress well” rather than “dress up” is the forward-thinking choice for your next fully booked day – Wearing a stylish outfit ready for adapting to what’s ahead. And perhaps, for that matter, with the added benefit of grabbing a strapping young actor’s attention along the way.