In our studio, we always strive to allow an element of adaptable interchangeability to flow through our designs. By bringing though the proportions of menswear into our knitwear, shirts and coats we give our clients the ability to dress as themselves, in timeless pieces that echo their own lifestyle without unneeded division.

It’s this middle ground between the poles of gendered fashion which has become the space to express nonchalant chic with effortless styling. Take, for example, our oversized silk shirt, one of our bestselling pieces which we carry though from season to season.


Although these pieces are more masculine, that is not to say that they cloak the wearer with a non-notable neutrality. Rather than conceal, the contrast softly highlights an underlining allure, extenuate the feminine features of the wearer’s form. Think Kate Moss or Debbie Harry in their leather jackets a la James Dean.

The priorities associated with menswear are also well worth championing. A return to quality, longevity and practicality that is noticed at a touch, something which has been too long missing from the trend-lead frivolity we’ve seen on top models in glossy magazines for too long.