About Us

NOMAD ATELIER: a collection of luxury essentials that we design and make in-house using the finest fabrics.

The NOMAD ATELIER label was actually established some 20 years ago as a collection of deluxe basics to supplement the designer labels stocked at Pollyanna.

NOMAD ATELIER’s aesthetic is very much in the avant-garde sprit of the Japanese designers that we championed at Pollyanna for the past four decades. We pride ourselves on our common-sense approach to sustainability (‘Buy Less, Buy Better’) and the fact that we are not adding to the throwaway nature of today’s fashion system. In short, we are designing garments in exquisite fabrics that somebody is going to love wearing for years and years. The kind of woman we design for is one who understands and wants investment dressing.  We also design for adaptability, whether taking an outfit from daytime to evening, or by crossing between genders (our men’s and women’s clothing are easily interchangeable for the most part.)  

It only struck me after my illness (I suffered a heart attack in 2014) that I was just as much a creative person as I am a business person. Now, for the first time, instead of just admiring other people’s creativity as a fashion buyer, I am being creative myself and doing exactly what I want to do. 

You are more than welcome to come and visit us any time you wish. You could tie in a visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park or The Hepworth, two world-class venues which are both on NOMAD ATELIER’s doorstep.

Rita Britton