Pioneering Women

Regenerated Style

Lucky 13 ~ The new Doctor Who set for bold new wave of feminist flare.


She’s fun; she’s super-intelligent, and she’s Out. Ladies and Gentlemen, please give it up for Jane Wright, the Lincolnshire lass turned 21st Century role model who views the world “in a slightly different way”.

ZAHA HADID 1950 – 2016

As divisive as her architecture, Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid had been called everything from a ‘Genius’ to being like a, ‘spoilt, medieval queen’. In the wake of her death, Jamie Huckbody pays tribute to The Queen of The Curve.


Forget Dave’s promise of a Northern Powerhouse (what a load of codswallop!) and go check out Nancy Honey’s female powerhouse in Bradford: the 100 Leading Ladies photographic exhibition. Jamie Huckbody talks tardy politicians and inspiring role models with the woman who has got the job done.

Jeanne Toussaint

As Paris mourns the 130 victims of its November 2015 attacks with stoic solidarity, Jamie Huckbody remembers another Parisian who refused to give in to the terrorism of WWII with birdsong of diamonds and gold.