Autumn Winter 15/16 Collection

Cashmere, silk, leather unadulterated luxury.

The Tobacco Warehouse

The Tobacco Warehouse is Georgian and built around the middle of the 18th century. It fell into disrepair and has been given a new lease of life and turned into a modern space showcasing the Nomad collection, works of art and sumptuous food.

The Gallery

Nomad Atelier aims to carefully curate its beautiful new gallery space for contemporary craft makers and designers so that you can easily find what you're looking for. The Gallery will represent artists and makers working in ceramics, glass, paper, wood, textiles, metal and jewellery.

Jeanne Toussaint

As Paris mourns the 130 victims of its November 2015 attacks with stoic solidarity, Jamie Huckbody remembers another Parisian who refused to give in to the terrorism of WWII with birdsong of diamonds and gold.

Jennie Gill

It’s time to banish your bourgeois bling and send those mass-manufactured charm bracelets packing to the trinket box. Jamie Huckbody finds just the thing for a 21st Century Neolithic Goddess in Jennie Gill’s seriously soulful alchemy.


Friends with benefits

Prada has a brand new one. Louis Vuitton has the biggest one. And Max Mara’s is perhaps the most authentic. Jamie Huckbody investigates the phenomena of the fashion brand-owned gallery and discovers how luxury handbags are proving to be the arts’ philanthropic best friend.